Servicing and Maintenance

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Servicing and maintenance packages are not solely available to installations completed by ourselves. We offer our services for most standard boiler types. We remotely monitors installations – where the technology is available – for any error codes, so issues are often responded to before the loss of heat is noticed on the site. Our engineers are based nationwide with vans stocked with parts and tools to minimise downtime. We also offer user training on installed units to help you minimise your breakdowns.

Service Contract prices vary with boiler location and use. Boilers working constantly require less maintenance than those in stop-start use due to their self-cleaning mechanism, whereas those working in cycles are more prone to ash build-up.

Service contracts include the general maintenance, cleaning and upkeep of the boiler. This starts from one ‘small’ service and one ‘large’ service annually. Breakdown cover is additional on an hourly basis.

Minor services will include a full cleanout of the boiler, removing any ash into the ash bins located on the side of the boiler, and to run tests on all components on the boiler to check whether they are in reasonable working order.

The major service that is required annually will entail a full clean out of the boiler followed by a full strip down of all moving components on the boiler to inspect for any wear or disfiguring at which point they may be replaced at the discretion of the boiler engineer, with relevant permissions from the customer. We recommended that the igniter unit on the boiler be replaced in this major service, but our inputs will vary with each boiler manufacturer and their recommendations and warranty requirements.

Other services include remote monitoring of the boiler, diagnostics, remote monitoring of pellet levels and an ‘automatic refill’ service. We also offer a “full cover” extended warranty that includes all callouts, labour and technical support. Please call the office if you need this to be tailored to include parts. These covers are tailored to the requirements of the installation owner and end user.

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