At Greenio, we are all about putting our money where our mouth is, which is why we are looking to use our connections in the alternative energy, M&E, and finance industries to begin aiding in humanitarian projects and other world causes. Read our synopsis below to find out more about our mission and how to get involved.

 Greenio Limited is a UK based company in its 5th year of operation, specialising in the installation and maintenance of renewable energy heating and electrical systems. We consult, manage, invest and install all manner of projects, and have worked in schools, factories, farms and healthcare sites across the country, installing tailored projects in biomass, solar, LED and heat pumps amongst other technologies.

Greenio’s newest objective is to devote time and resources to humanitarian projects, inspired by the products now distributed by the Greenio Shop, where we are all about the planet-friendly products. There is a purpose behind every item, where some will donate a percentage to clean water products or for the planting of trees, some are just looking at replacing the plastic alternative.

The approach we are adopting, as a primary stance, is to start by working with what we know. We are experienced in delivering commercial energy projects, so we are looking at Africa as both the fastest growing population with a broad spectrum of wealth distribution, as well as a continent in need of mass investment in resources, to be our target for both a viable commercial project as well as an area we can offer humanitarian aid. We are looking to find the right people in our target areas, with dilemmas for which we can offer solutions.

We will be looking, as a step one, to raise a crowd fund, for the purchase and delivery of water filtration and solar power products to remote communities in Africa. The physical destination would be selected based on the severity of the circumstances for remote communities, and the potential of siting energy projects in the neighbouring areas, which at this stage require further investigation. Using this as our platform, we would meet with our remotely made connections to establish a long term plan for the combined delivery of sustainable energy projects and humanitarian projects.

A film will be made of the endeavours, and this will be used to gather greater traction for a stage two visit. We hope that our primary visit will gain enough exposure in order for us to form a foothold, and continue offering aid to remote communities over years to come.

If you feel as though you could positively impact our mission, whether you are looking for a vehicle for the delivery of a sustainable energy project, or you are looking to make a planet-friendly pledge for yourself or your business (be this a financial or resource pledge), then we would love to hear from you.