Introducing the Zappi…

Charge your EV with your PV!

This intelligent electric vehicle charger is the only one of its kind on the market, in short, it enables you to charge your electric car with surplus electricity produced by your solar PV or wind turbine, maximising your returns rather than exporting back to the grid for a lower than market price return.

The Zappi has 3 charge modes, the cleverest being the ECO & ECO+ modes, which maximise the effectiveness of your microgeneration system. You can charge your car with surplus energy, enjoy a full graphic display, and view listings of your savings from date of installation.

  • In the ECO mode, only the domestically generated renewable energy is used. The house is the priority destination when there is a demand for energy, however when there is little or no demand in the house, the energy then diverts back to the Zappi to charge your Electric Vehicle.
  • In the ECO+ mode, the full amount of renewable energy generated is used, however if additional demand is desired it may be imported at any time. It will however restrict the amount imported, pausing if there is too much imported as pre-determined by the consumer.
  • In Fast mode, the maximum surplus energy from the PV or turbine will be used, with the remainder of the energy being imported to provide maximum power with no restriction.
  • Works with Type 1 (Leaf) and Type 2 (Tesla), and the Renault Zoe.

If you don’t yet have solar panels or a wind turbine, Zappi can work like any other EV charger in fast mode, so if you do get a micro generation system installed you’re ready to go!zappi 1




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