Below are a list of our favourite films, books and websites. Got any more to add? We would love to hear from you!



Living Within Limits – Garret Hardin (order)

Eating Fossil Fuels – David Allen Pfeiffer (order)

Power Down – Richard Heinberg (order)

The Long Emergency – James Howard Kunstler (order)

The Energy World is Flat – Daniel Lacalle (read online) (order)

Hubbert’s Peak – Kenneth S. Deffeyes (read online) (order)

The Party’s Over – Richard Heinberg (synopsis) (order)

The Last Oil Shock – David Strahan (order)

Out of Gas – David Goodstein (order)

A Very Unpleasant Truth – W.D Lyle (order)

The Carbon War – Jeremy Leggett (order)

Peak Oil, Economic Growth, and Wildlife Conservation – J. Edward Gates (read online)

Confronting Collapse – Michael C. Ruppert (read online) (order)

About Time – Tim Aldrich (order)



The 11th Hour (DVD) – Leonardo DiCaprio (order)

Before The Flood (DVD) – Leonardo DiCaprio (watch online) (order here)

Crude Impact (DVD) – The Pachamama Alliance (watch online) (order)

An Inconvenient Truth (DVD) – Al Gore (order)

The Age of Stupid (DVD) – Peter Postlethwaite (watch online) (order)

The End of Suburbia (DVD) – Gregory Greene (order)

Peak Oil: Imposed by Nature (DVD) – Amund Prestegard (order)

What a Way To Go: Life at the End of an Empire (DVD) (watch online) (order)

Cowspiracy (DVD) (watch online) (order) (this link has relevant articles that change from week to week so it is good to stay on top of!)


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