Why should I service my boiler?

Did you know it is a legal requirement to service your biomass boiler a minimum of once a year in order to claim the Non-Domestic RHI?

The installation is to be “maintained in line with manufacturer instructions“, this may be more than once per year depending on manufacturer’s guidelines – Ofgem RHI Guidance Vol II

Servicing is an important part of maintaining your system. It keeps your installation safe and reliable, maximises efficiencies and RHI returns, and reduces fuel consumption.

Additionally, it extends the lives of the boiler and components, and complies with your manufacturer warranty to ensure you are covered for the full boiler warranty period.

We offer:

  • Fully trained and industry-experienced nationwide engineers
  • Stocked parts for a wide range of boiler manufacturers
  • 24 hour telephone support and response time availability
  • User training & advice in order to maximise efficiency and boiler life
  • Remote monitoring & troubleshooting via web controller interface
  • Fuel management services
  • Independent testing, review and reports of installations and fuels
  • Either up front payments, or break down into easy monthly payments

Installation Management Services

We offer a range of Installation Management Services including fuel level monitoring and ordering, remote installation monitoring including Smart Energy Diverting Systems, breakdown response packages, and servicing packages to ensure your installation works year-round with minimal inputs.

By investing in a professional monitoring and maintenance  package you can:

  • Reduce your own inputs, as we will do all the leg work for you. This can include registering periodic data for payments, arranging fuel deliveries, servicing and maintenance, and breakdown assistance through remote monitoring
  • Maximise returns through minimising downtime. This includes scenarios for running out of fuel, waiting for replacement parts, and breakdowns. If we are monitoring the fuel levels, wear on parts, and error codes arising, we can attend or arrange for deliveries for your system before you even realise your system is down.
  • Maximising efficiency of your system through cleaner systems (think how much better your car runs after a full service!)
  • Reducing overall occurrence of breakdowns through having a more reliable system
  • Maximise the lifespan of your installation and it’s components.

As these packages have components which vary widely, we require the installation user to contact the office to arrange for a full quote.

We will need to know:

  • Make and model of the main components of your installation
  • Age and warranty status of your installation
  • Relevant past history of the installation
  • Location of the installation
  • Any software or monitoring technology on the installation
  • Fuel used, supplier if a preference is held, and fuel storage capacity