Receive an early pension with a wind turbine?

Here at Greenio were all about making things simple! If you think you might be suitable for a wind turbine on a piece of land you own then give us a call on 0800 8100 565. We have the best experts in the country when it comes to wind energy and you won’t have to lift a finger. If your land or home is suitable then you are guaranteed to receive large annual payments from the governments FIT scheme! We offer both wind turbine lease agreements and finance options for you to fund a turbine yourself.


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Greenio is mad about efficiency. Call our specialist wind experts that can review your site within one hour and see if you could be suitable for a wind turbine installation. If your site is not suitable for wind energy then it may be suitable for a solar farm. Leave it to Greenio to give you an answer.

Did you know some people earn over £100,000 per year from their turbine!!

Yes its correct, many farmers and commercial companies are cashing in on going green! The difference is, Greenio offers you the personal investment from its finance partners so you can erect the turbine in your own name and claim all of the money! Many companies will put one up for you and take a cut of the huge payments you could be earning yourself!



Wind copyWe see them more and more every day, wind turbines are becoming one of the fastest emerging renewable energy products in the UK. Wind turbines produce electricity to our homes and businesses by harnessing the power of wind. Although very expensive to install, wind turbines give huge financial returns and savings through the governments Feed in Tariff Scheme. The FIT scheme pays the owner of the wind turbine not only for the electricity it produces, but also the energy it sells back to the national grid.

How a wind turbine works?

shutterstock_112513541Wind turbines are very simple in principal. When the wind picks up speed, the blades turn and spin the turbine which creates electricity. The electricity is then fed into a home or business if required. If a home or business does not require much electricity i.e at night, the electricity is fed back into the national grid to be used elsewhere. A metering system is used to measure the quantity of electricity produced, consumed and sold back to the national grid. The FIT payment is then paid according to these readings every quarter.

How much does a wind turbine cost?

An average pole mounted domestic wind turbine (6KW) costs in the region of £21,000 – £30,000 fully installed. Smaller building mounted turbines are also available for a much lower initial investment of £3000 upwards. On a larger scale, wind turbines can escalate to well over 1 million pounds on a commercial or industrial sized installation.

What about planning permission?

If you were seriously contemplating installing a wind turbine, Greenio will provide the turn-key solution for your installation. Trusted wind turbine engineers will assess your suitability, location and planning considerations for your potential installation. Every installation is site specific and planning permission will need to be obtained when installing pole mounted turbines. Building mounted turbines are often excluded from planning laws but need to be addressed by an engineer in terms of location before deeming it a suitable installation.

I have available land but I don’t have the finances to invest?

wind-turbines-wind-energy-wind-power-wind-farmIf you are in a position where you have the land to install a wind turbine but maybe don’t want to pay for the installation contact the Greenio office to find out how you can still benefit from wind energy. Greenio can provide you with companies that will pay you to erect a wind turbine and you can benefit from free electricity for your home and business and be paid a rental for the small amount of land the turbine sits on.