Are you a Commercial Site?

We have worked with many different commercial sites creating turnkey solutions allowing businesses to save money by reducing energy bills. They have therefore been able to invest in different areas of their business and allow growth and expansion that previously was not feasible.

We are also able to create an alternative income through the payments that may be available dependent on the type of renewable energy project that is installed.

Our projects are tailored to suit the individual site – we approach each project and look at what will give the most benefit, rather than using a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We will create a full solution from design, to installation, to post-installation management. Our team will be on hand every step of the way to guide you through the process, including any paperwork that may be required.

Please see below for a commercial site that we have recently been working with:

Orston Shooting Ground

25kW Solar PV Array

Orston Shooting Ground was completely off-grid and therefore needed a solution that would enable them to run the whole shooting site, along with the clubhouse from renewable energy solutions.

We were able to install a 25kW solar PV array to meet their demands and this has allowed the shooting ground to expand and build a clubhouse.

Redline Specialist Cars

80 kW Solar PV array – Fully Funded

“Here at Redline Specialist Cars we had 80KW of solar PV installed on our roof totally free of charge. This meant no initial cost, no future cost and an instant reduction in electricity costs. 

The install was completed within a week and there was no disruption to our business. This was really important to us, as we were worried about the impact of having a solar system installed might have on our business. Greenio’s team of installers were competent, professional and polite throughout. Since installing we have seen a reduction in our electricity costs whilst improving our green credentials and again all free of any cost to us. I would not hesitate to recommend Greenio to anyone looking at solar PV as a potential for their business.”