Are you a Farm that wants to use smarter and more sustainable ways to run your business?

We have worked closely with the agricultural industry as the renewable energy industry has changed over the years. We have many successful projects across the country that are benefiting farmers through reducing their energy bills. They are also able to generate an additional income from the payments received through various schemes that they are applicable for.

We will work with you to generate a turnkey solution so that your renewable energy project meets your requirements.

We have a huge amount of experience in installing and managing a variety of technologies on farms – whether that be a biomass boiler to heat your grain stores, solar panels to provide electricity for your workshop, or an air source heat pump to provide hot water to wash down a milking parlour,  we will be able to help!

There are different funding solutions available and we have access project funding opportunities with an EFA handbook-approved FSA partner. Get in touch with us today to find out what options are available to you.

Please see below for a number of case studies on farms that we have recently worked with installing different renewable energy projects:



Sowray Farms, North Yorkshire – Dairy Farmer

16kW HT Daikan Air Source Heat Pump

“The entire milking system needs to be completely washed down and flushed through at least twice a day. For hygiene reasons, heated water is better for this process. Previously, we would use hot water in the evenings – and cold water in the morning – due to the cost implications. Thanks to the new pump installed, we can now afford to use hot water on both occasions.

“Becoming environmentally-friendly is really important to us as a family and a business. We previously installed solar panels and this has worked well for us in terms of return on investment so we started to consider other renewable options.

“The Greenio team was really knowledgeable and helped us to decide where we could make the most impact on our energy use and through which product. We’re now set to save thousands of pounds each year while reducing our carbon footprint. It’s a win-win situation.”



Robert Read Farms

199KW Biomass Boiler

“The service from Greenio was very good and we came across hardly any problems when assessing our site and getting quotations put together for us… My installation is working well and doing everything that we want it to. I would highly recommend Greenio to anyone looking into Solar PV and biomass. We are currently looking into wind at present so we will further our relationship with Greenio as time goes on.”

Rob Read









Tattershall Farm Park, Lincolnshire

 99kW Ala Talkkari and 98kW Moretti Biomass Boilers

“Running an all year round attraction – especially in the UK – is really tricky, particularly when farms are traditionally perceived as cold and dark places in the winter. We wanted to create a bright and vibrant farm park when we took over Tattershall three years ago and we are pleased to say we have achieved this through hard work and innovation.

“A huge part of this has involved green energy, which has allowed us to create a comfortable and toasty warm environment for all our visitors no matter the season. Not only has green energy made the farm a more comfortable place to be, but the support from Anna and her team has enabled us to make huge savings when it comes to our energy bills.”