Introducing Our Newest Team Member

Following on from some great articles that have been written about us in the past few weeks, we thought it was about time that our new Sales and Marketing Manager had a proper introduction so I have asked her to write a bit about herself…!

As some of you will have read, I started here at Greenio at the beginning of July as the new sales and marketing manager. I met Anna almost a year ago through a mutual friend, and we had chatted about Greenio and renewable energy as I had written my dissertation on on-farm renewable energy options the year before in my final year at university.

I absolutely loved writing my dissertation – I found it so interesting and I spent a lot of time looking into the upcoming technologies that people are working on to try and give us a more sustainable future. The main angle of my dissertation was how renewable energy could be used on farms – I went to The Royal Agricultural University so this seemed the obvious route to take to combine both my interests.

Once I finished university I headed off to Australia and New Zealand for 7 months of working and travelling. After some seriously hard work, we packed our bags and jumped on a plane home as there’s only so long that you can live out of a backpack before home seems like a good idea! Having said that, views like these ones are hard to come by here in England – photo taken looking out across The Mount William Swamp, VIC, Australia.

When I got home, I moved to Lincolnshire and started working in insurance, focusing on new business sales and with a close tie to the agricultural industry. After a year of working in insurance, I saw that Anna was looking for someone to join her team – for me, it was the ideal situation as I had always wanted to work within the renewable energy industry, I just hadn’t found the right opportunity, until now!

When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me on a horse – something that I’ve been doing since I was tiny. Having competed in most disciplines – show jumping, eventing, dressage, team chasing and polo, I’m now back to show jumping with my new horse, Flynn, who I am retraining from racing.

My first month here has flown by – Anna has been keeping me busy with lots of different, exciting projects. It’s great to be a part of a rapidly expanding business and I hope that I can help Greenio continue to grow well into the future!

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