What is the RHI??

The RHI stands for the Renewable Heat Incentive

This Spring the government is going to launch the domestic RHI which will effect every home owner and landlord in the UK. The domestic RHI is designed to give a large financial incentive to people who install renewable energy technology in their homes.

How does the RHI work?

Step 1

The RHI revolves around an Energy Performance Certificate or EPC.This EPC is carried out by a qualified assessor (not usually an installer) who will estimate how much energy your home requires in kilowatt hours per year for heating and hot water demands. From this information, the government will pay the owner of a newly installed renewable heat source a set amount dependant on what technology is installed. Please see below the unconfirmed tariffs the government released last year.

Step 2

Once you have acquired an EPC assessment, you will need to have your installation installed by a qualified MCS engineer.

Step 3

After your installation is carried out, your MCS  installer will then register your new technology onto the RHI scheme.

Step 4

You will then receive your quarterly RHI payments for 7 years.



Mr Smith has had an EPC carried out who has estimated that his property uses around 20,000KWh per year.

Mr Smith has an 0ld property and is advised to install a biomass boiler. Once the installation is complete Mr Smith receives 12.2p per kilowatt from the RHI. This gives Mr Smith an annual payment of 12.2p x 20,000KWh  which equals £2,440.00 per year.

The RHI  is paid every quarter for 7 whole years which would give Mr Smith a total of £17,080.00 + inflation.

Not bad for changing your boiler!

How do I get the RHI?

All you have to do to claim the RHI is go through Greenio’s unique cost calculator service and find out about your recommended technology, potential savings, RHI payments and installation costs based on your current fuel source. Once you have understood our estimated information you can select to find installers in your area. This will include an EPC assessor within our service that you can opt out of if you have had an EPC already carried out. Next, a number of our trusted MCS installers will contact you to quote for your installation. Once you are happy with a quotation and have undergone the installation your MCS installer will register your new heat source on the RHI scheme and you will start to receive your payments.

Just need an EPC?

Greenio can provide you with registered EPC assessors in your area. Just call us on the number below for us to organise an EPC assessor to contact you.

How do I get paid from the RHI?

The RHI will be paid into your personal bank account every three months for  7 years.