Thinking of a new home or development?


Why not think “green” from day one? Eco homes are becoming more and more popular. Even high profile¬†celebrities such as former England and Manchester United defender Gary Neville have there own “tellytubby” homes.

A true eco-home is usually set into the ground to act as one with the environment. This allows the soil and grass on top of the property to act as a fantastic insulator to keep the property both warm and cool during the different seasons. Very rarely do eco-homes need any form of heating as they are usually glazed with high specification glass which allows huge solar yields to enter the property.

Hot water can be provided via solar thermal, and electricity is often  generated from a large PV system or small wind turbine that will run at least 50% of the properties electrical demands.

In summer, a high tech heat recovery system expels hot air from the building and replaces it with cool air to give a full climate control system for the home. Similarly, in winter the heat recovery system allows hot air inside the property to be transferred to fresh cool air without almost any heat loss, this keeps the building at a perfect temperature all year round!

Greenio is at hand to provide anyone seeking an Eco-Build with fantastic architectural design and full project management services to get your project off the mark. No matter whether it is a simple bungalow, barn conversion or a full underground Eco-Home, Greenio will always help.

Why choose Greenio for your Eco-build?

  • Our architectural design services are hand drawn to give you the intimate, bespoke feel to your project.
  • We will provide you with Eco-Build based construction companies with lavish portfolios of there extraordinary work.
  • We will always provide 3 quotations for the works you require so you can get a fair and accurate price.
  • We will help you decide on how you are going to heat, power and control your property.
  • We will share our LOVE of smart technology to control your heating, lighting, cctv and everything else you could need. This is all controlled through a touch on your smart phone!
  • We will provide you with the best interior designers to complete your magnificent new home with the all important soft furnishings and decor.
  • We will always be on hand after completion to look after your every need!

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