Funding Packages

Greenio has access to project funding opportunities with an EFA Handbook-approved FSA partner, which can be accessed by customers in a number of scenarios. If you would like to enquire about full or partial funding, financing, or operating lease agreements for your renewable energy installation, call us on 0800 810 0565 to find out if you will qualify.

A free installation may be applicable – this is where the funder will outright purchase up to 100% of the equipment and installation (and occasionally operational costs), and place it on your property for you to use whilst retaining ownership. They will claim the government incentives or take repayments for a set period to cover their investment, before the installation is returned to you for you to receive the incentives for the remainder of the period. In this scenario the funder may also cover the maintenance of the boiler for a set period, whilst the user remains responsible for the fuel. The user receive the benefits of biomass with a reduced fuel bill and green credentials without the capital outlay, and eventually receive the incentives, but will be required to sign a contract for energy usage.

Finance is used where the customer is either unable to provide the capital expenditure up front, or would like to spread the cost of the installation over a number of years. In this case the customer has the option to take on the funding and maintain ownership of the installation for a period of time whereby the funding can be repaid. We would introduce the customer to our funder, thereby spreading their costs over a period of up to 10 years without an initial CapEx layout. The funding amount will be based on the value of the installation and the expenditure requirements, and will be organised so the customer does not have any risk beyond that of the installation itself.

Terms and conditions apply – your installation will need to meet the requirements of eligibility as provided by the funder. The APR rate will differ depending on your final credit score, a healthier credit score may obtain better rates.

Funding varies widely between projects, so please contact us for more information.