The renewable energy industry has seen a massive growth since the introduction of the Renewable Obligation (2002), Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed in Tariff (2011). These incentives meant a huge influx of new, inexperienced companies joined the market, and many of these felt the repercussions of the lack of field experience. Greenio is the result of a merge of 3 industry-specific companies dating back to 2006, and as such, we draw from a large knowledge base when assessing new or existing installations.

Thanks to our reputation, we now work alongside a number of insurance companies to provide remedial works on poor or unfinished installations.

Numerous manufacturers and installers recommend us for non-warranty and warranty works. We use various diagnostics tools and years of experience to provide thorough independent reports on current installations. Based on this we can offer solutions for repair, upgrades, or recommend replacement or removal of installations. If you feel you might benefit from an installation appraisal, call us to arrange a site visit.

Testimonials from customers can be found on our website, relating to our installation, remedial and service works. Please see our website for a cross section of these references, on