RHI Application Services

See here for the Commercial and Domestic RHI Tariffs.

The RHI application process and its regulations can be confusing to those who have not encountered it before. At Greenio, we have a 100% approval rate on RHI applications. This includes over 26 Megawatts in 2014 with a combined annual RHI income of far in excess of £2 million.

We also have experience in making more complicated installations ‘RHI ready’ if they are unlikely to be completed to the full extent before a degression deadline – this involves creating simple connections to ensure the installation legally meets the criteria of the RHI requirements in order for it to be put onto the tariff – these connections can then be upgraded to the full complexity of the system at a later date.

If you would like advice, or want us to handle the application process, please call to find out more information.