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The Greenio shop is all about eco-friendly products. We like to stock anything green, recycled, and rechargeable (with solar, of course). There is a purpose behind every item, where some will donate a percentage to clean water products or for the planting of trees, some are just looking at replacing the plastic alternative.

There isn’t really a limit to the eco-products we will stock, so if you think there is something that our shop needs, then please feel free to get in touch!

Eco Laundry Egg

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Great for sensitive skin, kind to the environment and economical, the EcoEgg Laundry Egg is the ideal replacement for traditional washing powder and liquids.

Safe for all fabrics, the EcoEgg Laundry Egg goes into your washing machine with the rest of your washing just like conventional washing tablets. It delivers the same great results as washing powder, but is reusable, safe for all washing machines and can be used on all temperatures up to and including 60°C.

The magic of this egg is the natural pellets with which it is filled. With two different types of pellets working together to give you the best results, they generate a natural cleaning foam without the use of harsh chemicals. Great for people with sensitive skin, it’s endorsed by both Allergy UK and the National Eczema Society, while also leaving clothes with a fresh linen fragrance.

Giving you 54 washes, enough for about 3 months’ worth of washing for the average family, the EcoEgg is also the economical option, saving you untold riches in the long run.

When your pellets have been exhausted, you can buy replacement one

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