Steve Manderson, Head Teacher at Trinity Catholic School

1350 LED Lights

As a project it sounded daunting to change 1350 lights win school but it was a surprisingly smooth process. We’ve already seen the energy bills come down, the lighting has much improved work spaces and we expect to save hours of site stage time changing light bulbs. It’s a win-win. Greenio have been a delight to work with, and we are looking forward to starting phase two of our eco-friendly projects with them!”

Domestic customer – North Yorkshire (not named for legal purposes)

28kW Biomass

“We live in an area without mains gas and in a property unsuited to oil heating. We therefore made the decision to install Biomass in late 2014 as a replacement for our old labour intensive multi-fuel stove and to take advantage of the Government’s RHI scheme. After a lot of research we chose to appoint a firm claiming to be a specialist consultancy for renewable energy. This turned out to be a very bad decision indeed. Not only was our expensive new heating system poorly designed and incompetently installed it also failed to meet various regulatory and safety standards. We were far from happy. From completion in early 2015, things very quickly turned nasty and after a lengthy legal battle we were, by June 2016, finally in a position to appoint an alternative firm to put things right. We had previously used Greenio to service the boiler and after various discussions, we asked them to complete the necessary work to correct our system. In contrast to the original firm we had used, Greenio were open instead of evasive, efficient and dependable. They completed their work on time, to a high standard and without the kind of dramas we had experienced previously. In short, they delivered everything they promised and remained within the agreed budget. We are very pleased to say this was an altogether happier experience and we are very pleased to recommend them to anyone thinking of installing a biomass system. Thank you to all the great staff at Greenio who have worked so hard to get our heating back on track! You’ve all been superb to deal with.”

Dawsons of Saxilby

4x 199kW Biomass

‘Greenio were involved with the installation of four WES 199kw boilers @ 2014 and since have maintained the boilers under contract. With efficient servicing and maintenance the boilers continue to run to their maximum potential. Any breakdown issues are often dealt with within just a few hours.  Many thanks to the Greenio team’.  Duncan Dawson – Dawsons of Saxilby Limited

32photo 6

R Alderson & Sons

1x 199kW Biomass

“I purchased my 199kW Biomass boiler in June 2014. They organised installation, with their own engineers, it was fitted, and commissioned on time and within budget. I have an on going service contract as well, which is working very well. Greenio are always available on the phone if I need to talk through settings, each time I have rung I am put through to a qualified member of staff. The once I had to call an engineer out, they arrived the same day to correct the fault.

All in all, I am very happy with the complete service Greenio provide.” – Ian Alderson – R Alderson & Sons

Pearson Packaging

Pearson Packages LTD – Solar PV

The installation went very well and very quickly, with no problems…
We all had regular progress discussions about the installation.
They were very informative about pearsonsprogress and showed us how to monitor the system etc. Overall we are very impressed with the superb standard of service… and when we have more capacity from the DNO we would certainly have Greenio as our first choice

Redline Specialist Cars – FULLY redlineFUNDED SOLAR PV

Here at Redline Specialist Cars we had 80KW of solar PV installed on our roof totally free of charge. This meant no initial cost, no future cost and an instant reduction in electricity costs. 

The install was completed within a week and there was no disruption to our business. This was really important to us, as we were worried about the impact of having a solar system installed might have on our business. Greenio’s team of installers were competent, professional and polite throughout.Redline
Since installing we have seen a reduction in our electricity costs whilst improving our green credentials and again all free of any cost to us. I would not hesitate to recommend Greenio to anyone looking at solar PV as a potential for their business.

Sprint Signs – Solar PV sprint_signs

Our company was very satisfied with the service received from Greenio… Our system has been installed for 4 months now,  and as it is early days, things are looking positive to the savings that we will be making. We would certainly recommend Greenio.

Mike & Maria Aiken – Domestic Solar PV

We have just completed a year with our new solar panels and are very pleased with them. They have generated 3556 kWhs giving us a Fit Tariff of just short of £600. The system is performing well and having sorted out a fixed single tariff to replace our Day and Night tariff and also switched to putting the washing machine and dishwasher on during the day when the sun is shining we expect to save circa £450+ per annum Aikenon our electricity bills.
Greenio work with local reputable companies. We found dealing with them and their partner(s) very efficient with prompt responses and they stuck to the planned timescales.
I would recommend Greenio to my friends and family, which is the acid test of any businesses success in what they do in a given area.
We opted for the premium latest solar panels from America and are pleased we did even though our initial outlay was greater. We feel that the improved aesthetics, improved performance and the outlook of better long term reliability and performance make our choice well justified.

Robert Read – Biomass Boiler – CommercialRob Read

The service from Greenio was very good and we didn’t come across hardly any problems when assessing our site and getting quotations put together for us… My installation is working well and doing everything that we want it to. I would highly recommend Greenio to anyone looking into Solar PV and biomass. We are currently looking into wind at present so we will further our relationship with Greenio as time goes on.

Ali Fletcher – Biomass Boiler – Domestic
Greenio were very good, very helpful and always rang! I was extremely happy with the service we were Ali Fletcherprovided. I would definitely recommend using them to my colleagues and friends. Our system is working fine, we did struggle with the RHI but Charlotte helped us sort this out, so that it was completed in time to get our application through. Very helpful and happy with the service!

Gordon Street – GSHP + Solar

My service from Greenio was very good indeed, Charlotte was very well educated and very prompt in getting back to me with clear emails of what was haUntitledppening. I have already recommended two customers to Greenio and I would recommend more if I get asked in the future. My system is working well, it is still new but we are carrying on as normal! If I have ever had any questions I’ve contacted Charlotte and she’s got right back to me. I thank Greenio very much for helping me and pointing me in the right direction. I have been let down by other companies before and Greenio haven’t done that so I thank them for this.

Julie Horner – Ground Mount Solar PV

The service with Greenio was extremely good. I would definitely recommend Greenio to anyone looking into renewable energy as they kept in touch with me throughout the whole installation, were very punctual and had a great follow-up up service. The system is working fine and I look forward to seeing the results.Julie Horner

Ben Spink – Solar PV

Spinks InstallThe service with Greenio was very good, no complaints! We certainly would recommend Greenio and we already have! The system seems to be working absolutely fine, we are looking forward to finding out what is generated compared with our predictions!