LED Lighting

LED lighting is a sensible and viable option for all situations, from domestic homes to commercial and industrial businesses, and saves the average home over £200/bulb over the lifetime of the bulb compared to using halogens, this is due to the low energy demand and the increased lifespan.

LED Technology is beneficial for hot and cold climes. Hot climates benefit from a reduced heat output: LED spot lights do not make use of filaments that are heated up during the working process to produce light. This means that heat dissipation in LED spot lights is comparatively far less. Far colder climates benefit from the working temperature range of as low as -50 degrees Celsius for LED, compared to -20 degrees celsius as a minimum working temperature for halogen fittings.

Lighting accounts for approximately 18% of household electricity bills, this is generally far higher for business in commercial or industrial production. A typical 35W halogen replacement LED will use as little as 4W for the same output of light, with the added benefit of instantaneous response (no ‘warming up’ of the bulb).

LED bulbs are soon to become a legal requirement for businesses in the UK, due to the energy saving benefits, and the comparative greater safety records compared to halogens, which are known to overheat due to the fact 80% of their energy output is through heat.

There are currently funding options available for schools, hospitals, and businesses to make the switch now – call us on 0800 810 0565 to find out if you are eligible.