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About Us

Greenio was established in 2013 by our founder and managing director,

Anna Wooster-Mann. Founded with a vision and passion to educate and help

homeowners and businesses on reducing their carbon footprint. Greenio is here

to help you make the right choice and to reduce your day to day running costs, 

increase your efficiency and to help save the planet of course. This vision has 

now turned into a national leading renewable energy hub that works in a 

wide array of sectors including solar panel installation, ev charger installation,

air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, led lighting installation

and biomass boiler service & maintenance.


Our team of forward thinking consultants and engineers provide innovative,

tailored electrical and heating alternatives with an exceptional level of service

at every stage, from initial consultation to post installation support. The end

result is that our customers get all of the benefits of a new technology

that delivers significant savings in fuel costs and carbon emissions compared

to fossil fuel alternatives.

Greenio’s main objective is to help our customers find the right solution, with

customer service and customer satisfaction being paramount. Greenio will always

go above and beyond for our customers and will always offer the correct 

specification to suit all of our customers individual needs and at the right price.

We ensure that every Greenio customer is getting the right solution for a 

competitive price.

Installing Solar Panel

We Offer a Range of Services

to Meet Your Needs

Click Below to See Our Full List Of Services


Solar Panels for Business


EV Car Charger For Home

Charging the Car

EV Charger for Business


Biomass Boilers Service & Maintenance 


Ground Source Heat Pump Solutions


Air Source Heat Pump solutions

LED Lighting.webp

LED Lighting Installation

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