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Ground Source Heat Pump


Air Source Heat Pumps concentrate heat from the air and use it to heat your hot water cylinder, radiators or underfloor heating.


We recommend Air Source Heat Pumps for people with well-insulated homes. They are also popular with self builders and developers building new build homes as they integrate well with underfloor heating. Designed well, an Air Source Heat Pump will provide all the hot water and heating you require 365 days a year.


The quality and reliability of Air Source Heat Pumps vary enormously. We only offer a range of Air Source Heat Pumps with proven track records and robust guarantees. Combined with our expert design and installation service this gives us full confidence in your heat pump’s performance.


How Do GSHPs Work?

A ground source heat pump system is connected to a series of pipes laid in the ground, these are known as ground collectors, ground loops or ground arrays. The pipes can be laid either horizontally in trenches or vertically in boreholes. A water and refrigerant mixture is circulated through the collectors absorbing heat energy from the ground, when it reaches the heat pump a compressor raises the temperature to a usable level and it’s then passed through a heat exchanger from which it's distributed to your hot water tank and radiators for hot water and heating. 


Benefits of a GSHP

Great for the environment
GSHPs are clean and combustion free


High efficiency

HSHPs have excellent efficiencies of up to 400%, reducing your energy usage


Lowers your carbon footprint

Heat pumps use energy from the ground and need just a small amount of electricity to operate, this means your carbon footprint is greatly reduced 


Carbon free

If the electricity comes from a renewable source such as solar or wind, the system will be carbon free


GSHPs can be used for cooling too

GSHPs are capable of also providing passive and active cooling which saves time, money and space compared to installing two separate systems


Long lasting

Long lifespan of around 25-30 years for the heat pump and 100+ years for the ground collectors



Is it possible that my Heat Pump will work with existing radiators?

Yes, Heat Pumps can be connected to your existing radiators, underfloor heating, water tank etc. Your systems 

compatibility will be checked during our home survey.


Are GSHPs noisy?

GSHP systems all fall into the permitted development category. Fortunately, this means they 

are not noisy.


Is a ground source heat pump difficult to maintain?

No, it’s simple, there is no need for safety checks and routine maintenance requirements are minimal.

A ground source heat pump can last over 20 years and the ground heat exchanger should have a life of over 

50 years.


Is my property suitable for a ground source heat pump?

This depends on the current fuel you use to heat your home and the amount of space you have available 

for the installation. Properties with a larger amount of outside space are the best suited for a ground source 

heat pump installation.


What other benefits come from installing a GSHP?

With a heat pump, you don’t need to worry about a flue, oil tank or gas connections. Plus you won’t need to 

pay in advance to store fuel.

Why Greenio?
Our Expertise
Greenio's friendly experts are always available to answer your questions and help find the right GSHP solution for you


The Best Engineers

Greenio Engineers are fully qualified with years of experience and knowledge. A forward thinking, professional and friendly company, Greenio ensure only the best electricians join our team


We handle all stages of the process from the quote stage to the installation so you will only need one number to call for any updates or to ask a question

Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none by design and our customers have gave us 70+ 5 star reviews on google


Not only is all of the equipment installed by Greenio covered by their manufacturers warranty, all our GSHP 

installations have a 24 month workmanship guarantee as standard

Interested in a free quote?

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