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Andersen 22KW Tethered Charger + Installation

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  • Andersen Chargers

    Andersen produces perhaps the best looking EV chargepoints on the market, distinctive for housing the charging 

    cable inside the unit when not in use. Andersen use quality, premium materials and embrace British manufacturing. 

    Its flexible cable wraps round inside the chassis, meaning no loose cables on view when the product isn’t in use. 

    You can choose between 4 colours for the metal chassis, and between 8 metal shades or 4 wooden shades for 

    the front. The materials chosen are extremely durable and there is a lifetime guarantee on the chassis.


    Benefits of Andersen Chargers


    • Compatiable with the konnect App to monitor your Charger from anywhere


    • LED display on the front panel indicates charging status.


    • Ability to set timers to charge your EV during cheaper rate times


    • IP65 rated. Specifically designed to withstand rain, sleet, and snow.


    • Remote app locking to secure your charge point 


    • 7KW & 22KW Options


    • No earth rod required. This allows for a cheaper, quicker



    • 3 Years manufacturer warranty as standard

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